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Making Wielingenstraat greener and safer

This major maintenance work is expected to last six months. The work in Wielingenstraat will include the housing façades and run right through to the cycle path in front of the RAI. We will also be making improvements to the landscaping and layout.


Last year, an online survey was held to find out people’s ideas and improvements for the landscaping and layout. Around 200 people completed the online survey. Four key issues emerged. Firstly, people would like to see action on traffic safety, especially for cyclists, in the form of a separate cycle path in front of the housing. Secondly, people would like to retain as many of the existing parking spaces as possible, since there are now relatively few in the neighbourhood. Thirdly, residents feel that cars are driving too fast on Wielingenstraat. Finally, people would like the existing trees to be kept and greater emphasis on green areas in the street’s landscaping.

Wielingenstraat as it is now
Jan Vonk

Working out the puzzle

Our project team set to work on the results of the survey. They had quite a puzzle to work out. Fitting a separate cycle path in without this affecting green areas or the parking lane was one example of their problems. However, they seem to have been largely successful in meeting people’s wishes. By making the footpath narrower, it has been possible to find space for a separate cycle path. As a result, the trees can stay and the parking spaces will be retained. This also applies to the small front gardens in Wielingenstraat. We are widening the central reservation, making the traffic lane narrower and ensuring that cars drive more slowly. Line-marking will be used to make the road surface look narrower. There will also be green landscaping on the central reservation. The planting will remain low, because the emergency services need to be able to drive over it in an emergency. However, the planting will also mean that the central reservation does not attract parking, which is currently a problem. Finally, we will not only be retaining the existing trees, but also adding new ones on the RAI side. This means that, in the new situation, the row of trees will reach right to the bridge across Boerenwetering.

De Wielingenstraat as it will look soon

Walk-in consultation session 11 October

We are interested in what you think about the provisional design. There are various ways in which you can respond, including sharing your view underneath this article or sending an email to But we are also happy to talk to you in person. For this reason, we are organising a walk-in consultation session on 11 October. Because of the coronavirus restrictions still in place, you must register in advance for this session. You can do this by emailing quoting ‘Spreekuur Wielingenstraat’. If possible, we will take your comments and suggestions on board in the definitive design.

Date: Monday, 11 October 2021

Time: 17:00 – 19:00

Location: Kerk Vrijburg (room: Van Hillekamer)

Entrance at Herman Gorterstraat 31 (corner of Diepenbrockstraat)

Tree survey

In early October, the City Council is surveying the condition of the existing trees in Wielingenstraat. We will look at their current condition, expectations for the future and the quality of the growing site.

Green landscaping around RAI

Separate from the major maintenance work in Wielingenstraat, we are also adding a new, wide green area behind the footpath in front of RAI. On it, we will supplement the existing row of trees with three plane trees and underlying bushes, plants and grasses. There will be a natural stone edging separating off the footpath. Next year, we also expect to be doing maintenance work on the green strip along Boerenwetering and the so-called ‘bastion’ (the paved section in the water next to Strand Zuid) will also be given green landscaping.

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