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Video/photos: lifting 40 tonnes of platform roof

Because we will be raising the height of the tracks and platforms of the metro line 52 (the North/South line) this summer, we lifted up the platform roof to prepare for that. The 19 piles, on which the platform roof will rest, had already been put into place. Now it was time for the roof itself.

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As soon as the final metro trains had departed on the evening of Saturday 4 June, contractor Heijmans set to work with a large team. Five huge cranes were already waiting in position. The platform roof was attached to the cranes using lots of cables.

The workers removed the final bolts from the structure, enabling the cranes to lift up the entire platform roof and place it on the new piles. This allowed us to raise the height of the platform roof by almost 2 m.

Widening of station passageway

All of this work is needed to make it possible to widen and increase the height of the existing station passageway (Minervapassage) at a later stage. Space is needed for this and the metro platforms also need to be moved slightly. For line 52, we already positioned a bright yellow 8-tonne support structure in Beethovenstraat, because part of the temporary metro platform will be on top of it. During the works from 16 -22 July 2022, we will be raising the height of the metro tracks and platforms. In a few years’ time, we will be relocating the metro platforms to their final position: between the Minervapassage and the second passenger tunnel, the Brittenpassage.

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