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Major logistical operation on North/South metro line platforms

Over the next few years, we are renovating Amsterdam Zuid station. As well as constructing the new Brittenpassage, we are also refurbishing the Minervapassage. This passageway will become a lot wider and taller. We will start the work in the summer of 2022 by raising the height of the metro tracks and platforms on the North/South line (M3 and M4). As a result, the North/South line will not call at Amsterdam Zuid station between 16 and 22 July.

Making space

In the refurbished Minervapassage, the space between the shops will be 40 m. In order to widen the passageway, we are currently creating space in a series of stages. We need this space in order to build the foundations for the new roof. Between 16 and 22 July, we will move the two central metro tracks around 50 m east in the direction of Beethovenstraat, and even slightly across it. This will create space on our work site on the other side of the station. At the same time, we are lifting the same metro tracks 3 and 4, together with their platforms, up to the right height for the refurbished, taller Minervapassage; one of them (M3) by 70 cm and the other (M4) by 2 m.

Different levels

Although we would prefer to raise the height of all of the metro platforms at the same time, time is too short for that. Like the rest of the station refurbishment, we are approaching this in stages. We are raising metro platform M1 to the correct height in 2023 and the most northerly metro platform M2 will follow later. Anyone using the metro from Amsterdam Zuid station from Saturday 23 July will see that the metro platforms are at different levels at the end. We are also making several adaptations to the platforms to maintain access. For example, all of the metro platforms will be properly connected by staircases and a ramp. The lift will of course remain available. Finally, there will be a crossing to connect both metro platforms to each other, making it no longer necessary to use the passageway to change platforms.

Repositioned 50 m away

From Saturday 23 July, metro passengers will have slightly farther to walk to get on the metro as we will have repositioned the platforms around 50 m further away. We have been preparing the staging structure for this extended platform since Monday, 18 April on our work site between the metro tracks on the western side of the station. It is partly made of plastic and this is no coincidence – we previously replaced most of the wooden platform sections along the railway track because they were becoming worn too quickly. We also added two buffer stops to the track, which are barriers indicating that the track ends at Amsterdam Zuid station. As a result, the track for line 52 will become a dead end.

Upturned Y steel structure and roof

Starting on Sunday, 8 May 2022, we will spend five nights working to reinforce the viaduct that will support the extended metro platforms. For this, we will position a special steel structure (shaped like an upturned Y) above the Beethovenstraat pedestrian and cycle path (see impression above). We will then pour 750 cubic metres of sand along and under the new platforms to raise them to the required height. Because the platforms are being made higher, the roof will also be raised by 2 m. We will hoist it into its new position using five cranes during the weekend of 4 and 5 June. This is a difficult operation for which we will first need to insert 19 hollow piles into the ground to support the roof. In mid-May, we will also demolish part of the adjacent platform in order to provide space for the cranes. All this work is necessary in order to raise metro platforms M3 and M4 to the same height as the railway platforms. This will enable us to create enough space under the platforms to put the roof sections of the new Minervapassage into position.

No North/South metro line at Amsterdam Zuid station for seven days

Despite all of this work, we are able to keep disruption to a minimum. The pedestrian and cycle path on the west side of Beethovenstraat will be closed between 22.00 and 06.00 during weekday nights starting on 1 May. The lane in the direction of Buitenveldert will be closed on the night of Sunday 1 May and in the nights from 8 to 13 May. Traffic will be diverted. In addition, metro line 52 will not call at Amsterdam Zuid station from Saturday 16 July until Friday 22 July. During that time, it will depart from the next stop in Europaplein. However, metro lines 50 and 51 will continue to call at Amsterdam Zuid station and there will be a shuttle bus service between Europaplein and the station. There will also be service staff providing guidance at RAI and Amsterdam Zuid stations and at Europaplein. For pedestrians, there will be a 450 m walking route from Europaplein to RAI station.

Work on metro platforms in April, May and July 2021

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