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Work starts in preparation for A10 Zuid tunnel

The air ducts for the World Trade Center Amsterdam (WTC) car park ventilation system run underneath the tree in the south-west corner of Zuidplein. The exhaust vent for the system is currently tucked away inside the windscreen next to the Wagamama restaurant. Both the windscreen and the ventilation system are obstructing the future construction of the northern motorway tunnel for Zuidasdok, which will be just in front of Amsterdam Zuid station. At the request of Zuidasdok, WTC owner CBRE will therefore be modifying its ventilation system, which unfortunately means that the tree needs to go. The tree-felling permit for Zuidasdok was issued in 2017.

Tree not to be replanted

As is standard practice, we will be removing the tree before the start of the nesting season, which runs from mid-March until mid-September. A survey has shown that the poplar tree cannot be replanted. This is because it is a fast-growing variety with a short lifespan and replanting is unlikely to result in many more years of life. Because they grow so quickly, a new one will become quite a large tree in just a few years. Besides that, it would be necessary to cut back the crown in order to transport the tree.

Relocating water pipes, adding sheet piles

After removing the tree, it will take us around a week to put things right again and more intensive work will follow later in the year. Before CBRE can begin to modify the ventilation system, Waternet first needs to relocate a water pipeline in the area. This will take around two to three weeks. The exact date has not yet been announced. Only after the water pipeline has been removed will it be possible for CBRE’s contractor to insert sheet piles into the ground to create a construction pit. The modifications to the ventilation system will then be done from the construction pit. The work is expected to take place after the summer.


During the removal of the tree on 25 February, Amsterdam Zuid station will still be accessible from Zuidplein. The pedestrian route from Eduard van Beinumstraat will remain open. The work to be done by CBRE’s contractor will be time-consuming and requires space and we are currently drawing up a joint plan for this. We will of course provide further information when more is known. The same applies to the landscaping of part of Zuidplein and Eduard van Beinumstraat. After the work, the area will be given a semi-permanent landscaping that will remain in place until we need the area to build the motorway tunnel in three years’ time.

Zuidasdok tunnel

We are diverting the A10 Zuid underground in the centre of Zuidas. This will make it possible for Amsterdam Zuid station to develop into a major public transport hub for railway, metro, bus and tram. Space will be created on the northern side of the station for a bus station and planting. On the southern side, there will be a tram station on the roof of the tunnel.

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