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120 concrete trucks on Parnassusweg cycle path and footpath

On Wednesday 12 April, starting at 06.00 and lasting until no later than 18.00, there will be concrete trucks driving along Arnold Schönberglaan in the direction of our work site. They will be arriving in Parnassusweg from De Boelelaan and there will be a lot of them: as many as 120 concrete trucks. They need to turn left into Arnold Schönberglaan because that is where the work site is located. After pouring their concrete, the trucks have to return to Parnassusweg. This means that there will be a concrete truck crossing the cycle path/footpath 240 times and all in the space of 12 hours.

Traffic barriers

In order to ensure this operation is safe, we will be repeatedly closing the cycle path/footpath by means of traffic barriers (see the red/white lines on the map). This will therefore be happening very frequently. Traffic controllers will be on hand to ensure that no one ignores the barriers, in order to prevent very dangerous situations. The barriers will be raised again as soon as the situation is safe.

Longer but more fun

Of course, this is set to cause some disruption for pedestrians and cyclists travelling in both directions. We will attempt to relieve the misery to some extent by providing you with a surprise during the short stop. In other words, your journey by foot or bicycle may end up being longer, but hopefully it will be more fun.


This concrete pouring is required for the construction of the second station passageway at Amsterdam Zuid station: the Brittenpassage. We are building the roof for it on location in seven different sections. On 12 April, we are pouring the concrete for the fifth section of this roof.

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