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Sporthallen Zuid set to stay, no housing construction

On 11 May, Deputy Mayor for Finances, Hester van Buren presented the 2023 Spring Memorandum. It outlines Amsterdam City Executive’s plans for the near future. The Sporthallen Zuid is set to be refurbished and extended on its current site, instead of the planned relocation to a new, stacked building on a strip alongside the A10. As a result, there will no longer be sufficient room in Verdi – the area between Amstelveenseweg, de Schinkel and the Nieuwe Meer – for the construction of 550 new homes.

Developments in Verdi area

In recent years, residents, businesses and other interested parties have had an opportunity at several information evenings to suggest their ideas about the plans, which included space for more than 1,000 homes. At the end of 2020, we announced the redevelopment of the monumental Tripolis complex to create a vibrant city campus, a transformation currently in progress. In early 2021, we informed you about the construction of a new residential development in Zuidas with around 550 homes, right next to Tripolis Park on the current site of the Sporthallen Zuid. The relocation of the sports complex to a stacked building on the strip alongside the A10 would create the space needed for that. However, the City Executive’s recent decision to renovate the Sporthallen Zuid on its current site means that the plans for this area are being revised.


We now intend to explore how the renovation and extension of the Sporthallen Zuid can be most effectively integrated in the area. We are also examining how it will affect the development of the Verdi area as a whole. We will continue to keep you updated, including during a planned information evening around the summer of 2023.

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