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Avoid having your bike removed

In recent years, the chaotic parking of bikes around Amsterdam Zuid station has seen a huge increase. Far too many people are still leaving their bikes in places not intended for that purpose and even sometimes obstructing the passage of pedestrians, suppliers and emergency services. We are determined to prevent this. In 2021, we already introduced stricter rules on bicycle parking in the area around the station, but the results have proved disappointing. Unfortunately, not everyone is using or able to find the three underground (free of charge) bicycle parks close to the station. For this reason, on Monday, 16 October 2023, there will be major enforcement action taken in response to incorrectly parked bikes around Amsterdam Zuid station. Bike coaches will be on hand to direct people to one of the three bicycle parks available.

Free bicycle parks

You can prevent unsafe situations and your bike being removed by always parking it in one of the three supervised bicycle parks in the area around Amsterdam Zuid station. You can choose between the Strawinskylaan, Mahlerplein and Zuidplein bicycle parks, which can be accessed using your personal OV chip card. The bicycle parks in Strawinskylaan and Mahlerplein always have space available. You can park your bike there free of charge for the first 24 hours, after which you will pay € 1.35 per day. It is also possible to park your bike for an unlimited period at prices starting at €80 per year. You can find more information on the NS website.

Where is the enforcement action planned?

Action will be taken to the south of the station (between the A10 Zuid and Gustav Mahlerlaan and on the southern section of Gustav Mahlerplein next to the Symphony towers) and to the north of the station in the area around Zuidplein and Amaliaplein. See the red dotted line on the map below. Any incorrectly parked bikes found here will be removed and taken to the Bicycle Depot (Fietsdepot) in Amsterdam Sloterdijk.

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