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We are working to deliver a healthy, clean, compact and energy-neutral Zuidas. This involves cooperation with companies, educational institutions, social organizations and the Zuidas Green Business Club. In this context, we are working in areas such as sustainable energy generation, energy conservation, sustainable mobility, clean air and a circular economy.

Taking responsibility

Zuidas’s builders have made sustainability a top priority. There is enormous interest in energy-efficient building, circularity, green areas, and water in, on and around buildings. Together with the Zuidas business community (cooperating within organizations such as Hello Zuidas and the Zuidas Green Business Club), we encourage a culture of taking responsibility to ensure that this neighbourhood is both environmentally friendly and energy-neutral.


We have specifically opted for a metropolitan, compact city district situated around a public transport hub. In the coming years, the Zuidasdok building project will make that hub sustainable. The project involves running a section of the A10 underground while, above it, the station will be combined with other forms of public transport.

Green areas and water

We are seeing to it that the public spaces include sufficient, high-quality green areas and water. Our aim is not only to make Zuidas an attractive area in which to live and work, but also to ensure that it is future-proof. One of the demands of a changing climate is that we must make room for rainwater. In addition, we want Zuidas to be a natural home for all types of flora and fauna.