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The A10 South motorway

The A10 South motorway

The A10 South motorway is one of the busiest motorways of the Netherlands. The road is the portal of the Amsterdam region. Congestion during peak hours particularly occurs at exits S108 and S109. The accessibility of Zuidas and the northern part of the Randstad conurbation strongly depends on this piece of motorway. A good flow of the traffic is essential. And this requires adjustments of the road.

From four to six lanes

Between the De Nieuwe Meer and Amstel junctions we will widen the A10 South motorway. This is a piece of approximately six kilometres. Two lanes per direction will be added to the present four lanes, creating six lanes per direction. To improve the flow and the safety, we will separate the through traffic from the local traffic. Four lanes will be available for the through traffic and two lanes for the local traffic (the S108 and S109 ramps and exits).

Tunnelled motorway

In the centre area of Zuidas, the A10 South motorway will be tunnelled to create space for the expansion of the Amsterdam Zuid station. The piece of motorway, between the Buitenveldert cemetery and the Beatrixpark, will be embedded in two tunnels. This will create aboveground space for a high-quality traffic junction of train, metro, bus, and tram.

New layout traffic junctions

The De Nieuwe Meer and Amstel junctions will have a new layout. The separation of the through traffic and the local traffic on the A10 South motorway starts at the junctions. We will adjust the existing roads, overpasses, and flyovers of the junctions, so that they will link up well with the new A10 South motorway.