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Zuidas lives

Zuidas lives

Zuidas is evolving into a lively residential area, mainly due to the increasing numbers of people coming to live here. There are a growing number of catering establishments and shops, as well as cultural, sporting and healthcare facilities. All sorts of events – big and small – are being held. Both the residents and the tens of thousands of people who work there and who contribute to the development of Zuidas are helping to make it a place where there is a lot going on, and where people can meet one another.

Residential aspects

Zuidas is developing into a popular, international residential area, featuring architecture, a green public space and a high level of amenities. By late 2017, Zuidas had about 2,600 completed homes. By 2030, that number will have reached 7,000. We are working to create mixed living spaces that are in keeping with Zuidas’s identity and with Amsterdam’s tradition of mixed neighbourhoods. For example, we are offering space for starters and students, who generally live in temporary accommodation. We are also attracting owner-occupiers, who are often more committed to their neighbourhood and are more inclined to invest in their home and the surrounding residential area. We feel it is important to attract students, as they create a buzz on the streets and boost the area’s international image. The range of homes on offer in Zuidas is becoming ever more varied: from social rent properties, student accommodation, owner-occupied and rental apartments in the middle and luxury segments to magnificent penthouses. Our goal with all types of residential property is to deliver top quality. This means plenty of light, high ceilings, low maintenance, energy-efficiency, lifts, storage and indoor parking. The aspiration is to make Zuidas a popular residential area for young and old. A neighbourhood in a metropolitan environment that has a wide variety of new, light homes plus a modern and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Having lunch on Mahlerplein


As more and more residents move in, Zuidas is becoming increasingly vibrant. A variety of cultural events are being held, such as the Grachtenfestival and Art Zuid. There are also sporting activities, such as the Zuidas Run and the ZuidasCup. The annual Zuidas Culinair Zomerfeest (Culinary Summer Festival) has also become a regular fixture. Institutions such as the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Circl and De Nieuwe Poort offer appealing social and cultural programmes. In addition, a number of cafés, restaurants and hotels stage eye-opening discussion evenings and stunning live music. Zuidas is rapidly becoming a fully-fledged part of Amsterdam’s entertainment scene.


Zuidas offers excellent sports and study facilities, first-class healthcare facilities, great shops and an attractive range of catering establishments. The presence of international companies has helped to give Zuidas a cosmopolitan character that is all its own. At the same time, it is evolving into a typical, easy-going Amsterdam neighbourhood suited to people from all walks of life, with its own schools, shops, crèches, hotels, cafés and restaurants.