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Zuidas is developing

Zuidas is developing

We are building a unique Amsterdam city district, where thousands of people live, work and enjoy recreational activities. That’s our job. We’re doing it on behalf of Amsterdam’s city council. At the same time, we’re cooperating as much as possible with the residents, those living in adjoining areas, companies and institutions, employees and anyone else who feels involved with Zuidas.

Join the debate

Zuidas is changing rapidly. Of course new buildings are popping up all over Zuidas, but its public space is also changing. Our goal is to make Zuidas a place that stands out among the other city districts in Amsterdam, a place that offers great residential, working and recreational conditions. Whether or not we succeed depends, to a large extent, on the dialogue involving everyone who feels committed to Zuidas. That means you. We are keen to engage in dialogue with residents, those living in adjoining areas, and people who work in Zuidas. This will show us how to do the job we’ve been given by Amsterdam’s city council in a way that, as far as possible, meets your wishes. This is why we are keen to talk to you. One way to do this is through our Amsterdam Zuidas Information Centre. Alternatively, you can use this website, social media, or the regular information meetings that we hold. We would, of course, be more than happy to attend a meeting of your company, your neighbourhood association, your owners’ association, or any other organization in and around Zuidas.

Decision making

Ultimately, it is up to the city council and the Municipal Executive to chart a course for Zuidas. This involves setting frameworks, then modifying them where necessary. Implementation plans and zoning plans also have to be adopted. In addition, individual motions are used to fine-tune the direction in which Zuidas is developing. Details of the district’s coherent, long-term development are set out in the 2016 Zuidas Vision policy document. Our job is to transform the contents of this document – and our instructions from the city council – into reality. At the same time, we want to leave as much scope as possible for ideas and initiatives from the Zuidas community and other stakeholders.

Zuidas model in the Amsterdam Zuidas Information Centre