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From past to present

From past to present

Zuidasdok is one of the largest infrastructural projects of the Netherlands. The project provides for better accessibility of the Amsterdam Zuidas district and the northern part of the Randstad conurbation, both by road and by public transport.  

Zuidas is developing into the second centre of Amsterdam, a first-class location with a strong international nature where working, living and facilities are combined. Zuidas is characterised by good accessibility due to the proximity of Amsterdam Zuid station, several metro stations, the A10 South motorway, and the proximity of Schiphol Airport.

Even better accessibility

In the coming years, thousands of houses and square metres of office space are built in Zuidas. Ever more people travel to and from the district, or pass through the area during their journey elsewhere. As a result, it is already quite busy on the A10 South motorway and at the Amsterdam Zuid station. To safeguard the accessibility of Zuidas and the northern Randstad conurbation and to increase the liveability in Zuidas, we are realising the following with the Zuidasdok project:

  • Refurbishment and expansion of Amsterdam Zuid station
  • Widening and partial tunnelling of the A10 South motorway
  • Refurbishment of the De Nieuwe Meer and Amstel junctions
  • Refurbishment of the public space in the station area


The clients of Zuidasdok are the Central Government, the province of North Holland, the Amsterdam Transport Authority, and the municipality of Amsterdam. The implementing organisations for Zuidasdok are the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management, ProRail, and the municipality of Amsterdam; together they form the Zuidasdok project organisation.


Between 1994 and 2012, many different options were elaborated in the long history of the Zuidasdok project. The principle of tunnelling the railway and motorways was always guiding, to offer space on top of it for urban development (dock model). Eventually, this appeared to be unfeasible. On 9 July 2012, the clients reached a preferential decision for the present Zuidasdok project. This will take the A10 South motorway from four to six lanes and it will be tunnelled in the heart of Zuidas. This creates space for a complex refurbishment of Amsterdam Zuid station and the pooling of various forms of (public) transport. The station area will be refurbished, in the course of which the districts north and south of the station are better connected.    

Since 2012, Zuidasdok has been expanded on a number of points. For instance, it was decided to build an extra station passage, the Brittenpassage, and to widen the present Minervapassage. The possibility of a fifth and sixth track for future train traffic was also added to the project. Throughout the years, with these adjustments Zuidasdok started focussing ever more on the refurbishment of the junction for public transport.