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New-look Prinses Irenestraat takes shape

Good progress is being made on the new green landscaping in Prinses Irenestraat. Work on the introduction of the ‘water-retardant green strip’ is in full swing. New street paving will be laid starting on Saturday, 6 April, followed by some final work.

The water-retardant green strip in Prinses Irenestraat will be located between Beethovenstraat and Prinses Margrietstraat. It is a sunken strip of greenery, with lots of trees and plants that can temporarily capture the rainwater during heavy showers. While working on the strip, we also replaced the sewer and installed gas and heating pipes.

Prinses Irenestraat, end of March
Photo: Marcel Steinbach


New street paving will now be laid. This work will start on Saturday, 6 April 2019. It will not cause any noise nuisance on that day. On Monday, 8 April, we will be laying the paving and compacting the ground. The vibration will cause some noise nuisance. Prinses Irenestraat will be open again for cyclists and pedestrians on Monday, 8 April. The street will reopen for motorists on Tuesday, 9 April.

Asphalt work on Strawinskypad

When Prinses Irenestraat has been reopened for slow-moving traffic, it will be possible to lay the definitive red asphalt in Strawinskypad (between Vijfhoek and Beethovenstraat). This work will be done between Monday, 8 and Thursday, 18 April. Part of the cycle path will be closed. Cyclists and pedestrians will be diverted via Vijfhoek and Prinses Irenestraat. Only the stairs to Strawinskylaan, next to the bicycle parking facility, will remain accessible. Of course, it will still be possible to access the bicycle parking facility. The stairs next to the Strawinskyhuis will be closed.

Beethovenstraat tunnel

As part of the above work, we will also be laying asphalt on part of the cycle path at the tunnel under Beethovenstraat between Thursday, 11 and Saturday, 13 April. The tunnel will be closed during that time. You can use the crossing at Beethovenstraat–Prinses Irenestraat. The tunnel closure will start after the morning rush hour on Thursday. During the morning rush hour on Friday, traffic wardens will be deployed at the Beethovenstraat crossing.

Prinses Irenestraat, start of April 2019
Photo: Marcel Steinbach


In May, we will be installing two wooden bridges across the wide strips of greenery in Prinses Irenestraat. These will arrive on Saturday 11 May. This process will take around half a day and Prinses Irenestraat will be closed for that period. Traffic will be diverted via Willem Kesstraat. During the working days after 11 May, we will be assembling the largest bridge on site. Both bridges will be put in place on Saturday, 18 May. This part of Prinses Irenestraat will then be closed off for safety reasons.

Works at a glance

The final result

When this work has been completed, this part of Prinses Irenestraat will have been completely renovated and be ready for the future. The street will have been given a quality upgrade, with attractive green landscaping that also makes the street rainproof. After all the work and inconvenience, we hope that the final result will bring major improvements.


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