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Zuidas-Zuidasdok 2022 draft zoning plan open for consultation

There is a statutory obligation to incorporate the Zuidasdok Routing Decision (and the subsequent changes made to it) in a zoning plan. The draft zoning plan is open for consultation for six weeks starting on 8 December 2022. Anyone can submit their opinions during this period. Since the Zuidasdok routing area is within the boundaries of the municipalities of both Amsterdam and Ouder-Amstel, a draft zoning plan has been compiled for both of them. In the case of the City of Amsterdam, the draft zoning plan is entitled ‘Zuidas-Zuidasdok 2022’ and for Ouder-Amstel, it is ‘Zuidasdok 2022’, the Dutch versions of both of which can be consulted on the website (search for the plan name ‘Zuidasdok 2022’).

Previous City of Amsterdam zoning plan

The Zuidasdok zoning plan was approved in 2016, at around the same time as the routing decision. In a nutshell, it covers the regeneration of Amsterdam Zuid station and the tunnelling of the A10 next to the station. The draft zoning plan currently open for consultation covers the remaining parts of the routing decision, particularly the two interchanges: De Nieuwe Meer and Amstel.

Additional noise barriers for City of Amsterdam

As well as incorporating the routing decision, the Zuidas-Zuidasdok 2022 draft zoning plan also makes several additional noise barriers possible within the City of Amsterdam municipal area. These noise barriers were not included in the 2016 routing decision, the subsequent changes or in the recently-issued document announcing changes to the routing decision that was opened for consultation on 30 November 2022. This is because it concerns noise barriers, which are not a statutory obligation. The City of Amsterdam decided in 2016 to install these additional noise barriers in order to further reduce noise nuisance and create low noise areas. The noise barriers will be next to Beatrixpark, Amstelpark, Tennispark Joy and the future Ravel residential neighbourhood (behind the AFC sports pitches). This draft zoning plan also covers the noise barriers required to enable housebuilding in the Schinkelkwartier.

Open for consultation

The Amsterdam and Ouder-Amstel draft zoning plans will be open for consultation for six weeks from 8 December 2022. You can find further information about the draft zoning plan (and details of how to submit your opinion about it) in the official announcement from both municipalities, which can be found in Dutch on (search under the plan name ‘Zuidasdok 2022’).

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