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First visitors to Brittenpassage can hardly believe their eyes

Boots on, vests on, helmets on and clear instructions. By 2027 at the latest, when the Brittenpassage finally opens, the people who were there on 11 October will explain that, back in 2023, this was the type of personal protective equipment you needed just to be allowed to walk through it.

Huge space

Once inside, there was plenty to see. The huge space, around 70 m in width and currently at least 100 m long, was amazingly impressive. The Nieuw-Zuid construction consortium is hard at work digging, drilling and welding as the railway, metro and car traffic continues as normal above ground. Although loyal fans have been able to follow the construction of the roof sections for the Brittenpassage since 2019, these visitors were the first people to see the roof from the right side: from the passageway itself. To be fair, it still required a little imagination to envisage a future passageway in the work site. However, slowly but surely, it is increasingly possible to see where the shops will be, where the bicycles will be parked and where passengers will soon be finding their way up to the trains and metros.

More guided tours, more information

We plan to organise more guided tours over the next few years. Keep checking this website for new dates. Interested in seeing what the new station will ultimately look like? If so, come along to the Zuidas-Zuidasdok Information Centre. At it, you can take your own virtual walk through the new passageways, across the new platforms and past the bus station and tram stops. The information centre is located in the central foyer of WTC tower A (entrance in Zuidplein). Open from 10.00 to 16.00, Monday to Friday.

Zuidas-Zuidasdok Information Centre

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