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Two nights of lifting work in Parnassusweg

In the nights from Monday, 30 October to Tuesday 31 October and from Tuesday, 31 October to Wednesday, 1 November, we will be continuing the works on the metro viaduct above Parnassusweg. This time we will be lifting some reinforcement cages into position on the embankment on the west side of Parnassusweg between the metro tracks. It may cause some disruption in the form of light and noise.

Safety and disruption

We will also be working during the day, but part of the works will be right next to the metro track. These works are also being done at night between 01.00 and 05.00 when there will be no metro trains running, enabling us to work safely without disrupting passengers on the metro. The rest of the night traffic will not be disrupted by the work.

In addition, the contractor will be using a modern, low-noise telescopic crane for the lifting work. The construction lighting will also be directed away from the local area as far as possible. However, some disruption caused by noise and light will be inevitable. An exemption has been applied for from the Environmental Service for these works.

Work on viaduct

This night work is part of the process of preparing the track for the possible future extension of the North/South line. For this purpose, we are building a completely new metro viaduct across Parnassusweg and the works in the week ahead are part of that process.

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