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148 affordable homes in The Harmony

Property developer Zadelhoff was successful in the public selection procedure launched in April 2023. The social rental housing is being developed by the Rochdale housing corporation. Zadelhoff is developing the mid-market rental properties in its own portfolio. The complex will also have state-of-the-art office accommodation that Zadelhoff will let to an occupier or sell to an investor.

Housing, employment & leisure

The Harmony will be on two plots (C and D, see aerial photograph below) and will have a total gross floor area of 35,000 sq. m. The ground floor, one side of which is on Beethovenstraat and the other pointing towards the new Ravel residential district, is intended for community amenities, such as a supermarket, shops and hospitality and catering. The building takes its name from this wide range of functions: ‘living, working and relaxing in two healthy and sustainable buildings’, according to Zadelhoff. The mid-market rental properties will be suitable for families.

The Canyon building will be on plot D, The Coast building on plot C

Zuidas as a mixed urban neighbourhood

Rochdale is ‘proud that we are set to build social housing here, in one of the most popular places in Amsterdam’, says real estate director Eric Nagengast from Rochdale. ‘This is completely in line with our belief in an undivided city, with a varied population mix in every neighbourhood. That not only means affordable rentals, but also owner-occupied and upmarket rental properties in Noord, Nieuw-West and Zuidoost. And vice-versa: also social rental housing in Beethovenstraat and in Zuidas.’ For the City of Amsterdam, The Harmony will contribute to the mixed Zuidas district, where housing, employment and leisure come together.

Sustainable design

The Harmony has been designed by Powerhouse Company and is a good match for the urban side of Beethovenstraat and the quieter, greener side of the Ravel residential district. The ground floor will be lively and challenging in its design. Both buildings, The Canyon on the northerly plot next to Valley and The Coast on the southerly plot, rate very good in terms of energy performance and are being built using sustainable materials. In addition to Zadelhoff and Powerhouse Company, the team also includes LBP | Sight, Ingenieursburo Linssen and Cents Landschap & Ecologie.

Artist’s impression of The Canyon (corner of Maurice Ravellaan/Beethovenstraat)
Artist’s impression of The Coast (corner of Beethovenstraat/De Boelegracht)

Ravel residential district

The new Ravel residential district, which The Harmony will soon be a part of, will be a mixed, green, low-traffic neighbourhood offering space for around 1,350 homes. More than half of these will be suitable for families, including the mid-market rental properties in The Harmony. In Ravel, the city-wide 40-40-20 rule will also apply: 40% social rental housing, 40% mid-market rental or owner-occupied and 20% private sector. Later this year, the Public Education Foundation (Stichting Openbaar Onderwijs) will start to build a new primary school in the neighbourhood next to the Amstel. The construction of the first homes will start in the summer with the Ravelly building and 75 social rental homes also being developed by Woningstichting Rochdale.

Construction work on The Harmony is expected to begin in mid-2026. It will take around two years to build, so the first tenants will be able to move in in 2028.

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