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Parnassusweg closures for construction of metro viaduct

We informed you previously about the large-scale works in and around Amsterdam Zuid station during the summer of 2024. These include the widening of the most northerly metro viaduct across Parnassusweg. Last year, we started the initial preparations for this, including the installation of sheet piling. From early April to July 2024, we will be building the supports on which the new viaduct will rest. In order to do that work safely, we are closing the carriageway in a northerly direction (in the direction of the city) at various times. Cyclists and pedestrians will be diverted throughout the entire period.

Closure of northern carriageway on Parnassusweg

In April 2024, we will be closing the eastern carriageway of Parnassusweg next to Amsterdam Zuid station for two nights. The carriageway will temporarily be moved onto the tram track, allowing traffic to drive past the works as normal. In May and June 2024, the Parnassusweg carriageway in a northerly direction will be completely closed to traffic for two nights and one day, because we are doing sheet-piling work at that time. The box below shows the exact dates. Please note: these could still change.

The eastern carriageway on Parnassusweg (in the direction of the city) will be closed, traffic will be diverted via the tram track:
3 to 4 April between 22:00 and 06:00
4 to 5 April between 22:00 and 06:00
May and June
The eastern carriageway on Parnassusweg (in the direction of the city) will be completely closed to traffic for two nights and one day on two occasions. A diversion will be in place from:
13 May at 20:00 until 15 May at 06:00
19 June at 22:00 until 21 June at 06:00

Cyclists and pedestrians

From Monday 29 April until mid-July 2024, we are closing the cycle path and footpath on the east side of Parnassusweg (the side where the station entrance is) and pedestrians and cyclists travelling in both directions will make use of the cycle path and footpath on the west side. Diversion routes will be indicated for cyclists and pedestrians. The station will remain accessible as normal.

Other disruption

From 3 to 8 May 2024, we will be drilling foundation piles into the ground on the work site on working days. In the nights from 30 to 31 May and from 31 May to 1 June, we will be hoisting reinforcement cages into the foundation piles. This will not require any road closures, but you may be slightly inconvenienced by some of the activity. The sheet-piling works in May and June (see box above) may also cause some noise disruption despite the use of the most silent methods.

Brittenpassage platforms

The works are all part of the regeneration of Amsterdam Zuid station. In order to accommodate the growing number of passengers in the future, we are building a second passenger tunnel, the Brittenpassage. To make room for the new metro platforms serving the Brittenpassage, in the summer of 2024, we are moving the most northerly metro track (for metros 50 and 51 in the direction of Isolatorweg) slightly further to the north. For this reason, the viaduct that the track runs across will also be widened to the north. In addition, on the existing northern metro viaduct, we are creating space for a possible extension of the North/South metro line.

Travel advice from Ask&Go

Please note: the above dates may change. Stay informed via and social media. Or ask for personal travel advice from Ask&GO, via WhatsApp: 085-0659091 or scan the QR code.


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