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EDGE Stadium

EDGE Stadium, the former headquarters of Loyens & Loeff at Fred. Roeskestraat 100, is being given a comprehensive upgrade by developer EDGE. The work will take two years, with completion expected by November 2022.

When Loyens & Loeff relocated, the building’s developer, EDGE, and its owner, Allianz, both saw this as an excellent opportunity to give the building an upgrade. By November 2022, EDGE Stadium will once more be completely in line with today’s sustainability standards – and much more. The building will also be extended and there will be renovation work inside the building, making it possible to work in state-of-the-art conditions.

Artist's impression of the atrium

One-third bigger

The idea is to maintain the building’s unique identity and look and feel while adapting it to create a 2.0 office building that will last for years. For example, the central section will be given a new glass façade. Behind it, the extraordinary copper-coloured ‘heart’ will still be visible, but the building will look slightly more accessible. The high pavement will also be lowered in order to improve access. The wings and central section of the building will both become taller in order to extend the building without undermining its unity from the outside. Both wings will have an additional floor and the central section will be given two additional levels. The rest of the extension will be inside the building. The office will ultimately be around one-third bigger.

Artist's impression of the floor area inside

Around the atrium

The extension to the floor area inside will mainly be around the atrium. Moving the wings slightly inward and extending them will make the atrium smaller and more intimate. It will still be a beautiful, open space, but one that invites you to reflect in a peaceful setting, enjoy a cup of coffee in the central bar that will be added, or meet new people. Plenty of greenery will also be added to make it even more attractive.

Artist’s impression of the entrance

 Walking meetings

The office is also being given a different layout. It will feature large open spaces, ideal for flexible working. In addition, it will no longer have just a single large tenant, but a mixture of start-ups, scale-ups, and larger organisations instead. Another important adaptation involves the integration of rooms intended for sport or walking meetings. And – it does not get any more contemporary than this – the EDGE Stadium will have a completely virus-responsible design, featuring the latest ventilation system.

The ‘old’ building
Marcel Steinbach


Anything that is not suitable for reuse during construction will be posted on by EDGE. This is an online marketplace for used construction materials that are still very suitable for use in other projects. By applying this sustainable approach, EDGE not only aims to add something new to Zuidas, but also retain what was already good. In preparation for the start of construction, a two-storey floating builder’s hut has been realised in the Zuideramstelkanaal. It will remain there until the end of 2022.

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