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Come along and test the tiles

There are three test areas: one on the platform, one just in front of the entrance to the station on Mahlerplein and another in the existing station passageway. This will enable us to see how the materials react in different locations. Each area measures approximately 3 x 5 metres and the areas on the platform and in the passageway have been divided into strips, in which we have placed several selected stone varieties alongside each other to enable easy comparison. All of them have been laid in the same pattern that will ultimately be used.

Of course, the Zuidasdok team is also taking advantage of the experience acquired at other stations. The reason for such extensive testing is that the requirements that the stone needs to meet are changing and becoming stricter. Not only is the look and feel of the stone a key factor, the variety of stone selected also now needs to be sustainable. In earlier tests, the types of stone selected were tested for their technical properties such as strength, rigidity and ability to withstand the effect of substances like cola, coffee and ketchup.

After some time, we will have a good impression of how our selected stones are responding, enabling us to make a well-considered choice of the type of tiles to use on the ground and walls in the two station passageways.

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