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British School makes way for housing

The plans for housing on the former site of the BSA already featured in an earlier report. These plans have now reached a step further in the process, enabling us to engage in more detailed discussions with local residents. There were numerous questions from the local community about the choice of 100% social rental housing for the site and about how the plot is being divided.

Mixed neighbourhood

The official Implementation Decision for Fred. Roeskestraat was approved by the Council in 2011. This decision lays down the ambition to convert the area from one dominated by offices into a mixed neighbourhood with a blend of offices, housing, schools and amenities. This is also stipulated in the zoning plan. Over recent years, there have been many local developments that have contributed to this ambition. The construction of housing on the former site of the British School (Fred. Roeskestraat 94A) marks the final stage of that process. The Amsterdam Housing Agenda (Amsterdamse Woonagenda) primarily calls for a mixed housing environment. Since social rental housing is under-represented in this area, that will be the main focus of the development of this plot.

Not too large

The plan comprises the development of 150 to 200 social rental properties with space for amenities on the ground floor. The idea is to develop these homes in two separate buildings, the tallest parts of which will not exceed 30 m (eight floors) in height. This is in line with the zoning plan and fits in well with the buildings on other nearby plots. In order to prevent the buildings appearing too large, the architect is being challenged to come up with a tiered design instead of square buildings. The aim will be to maintain as many of the existing trees as possible.


Amsterdam housing corporations have priority in the realisation of social rental housing. The City of Amsterdam endeavours to involve corporations in the process as early as possible in order to agree high-quality basic principles that are also achievable. These are laid down in what is known as a construction brief. The City of Amsterdam is currently working on the construction brief with the Eigen Haard corporation. It is expected to be known later this year whether Eigen Haard will also be developing the housing.


Demolition work on the old school building will start early next year. Construction work on the new housing is expected to start in the first quarter of 2023 in order to enable completion by the third quarter of 2024. The landscaping of the public spaces will also be done at around that time. The ultimate schedule will be drawn up by the housing corporation and their subcontractor. The design for the landscaping of the public spaces has not yet been done. The City of Amsterdam would like to involve the local area and stakeholders in that process. This will happen at a later stage.

Here, you can download the report and presentation (both in Dutch) from the information meeting held on 23 June 2021.

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