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Kop Zuidas zoning plan to be revised

The Kop Zuidas neighbourhood is developing fast. Construction work has just begun on Crossover, The Newton is set to follow later this year and there will be a further two buildings in the years ahead: on plots K and L2 (see illustration below). The zoning plan needs to be revised in order to enable these plots to be realised effectively.

24-hour shelter and creative hub

On plot K, there are plans for a multifunctional building and other facilities. In addition, the existing zoning plan ‘Zuidas Kop Zuidas 2018’ includes space on the first and second floor of Plot K for several small-scale initiatives with a ‘social service’ function. However, the residential care facility (24-hour shelter) envisaged for this building cannot operate in several small branches. Instead, a single, larger branch is required. We are making this possible by revising the zoning plan. In addition to the residential care facility, the future building will also have room for a creative hub, enabling artists to continue to work in Amsterdam. Construction work on plot K is expected to start in 2024.

Housing and community health centre

The other plot to be developed, L2, will primarily feature housing, but there is also room for a community health centre. Since a community health centre has a ‘social service’ function, it will be permitted based on the current zoning plan. However, the regulation that only several, smaller branches are possible also applies in this case. As a result, healthcare providers, such as GPs, physiotherapists and pharmacist need to organise their practices within only limited space, each with their own reception, waiting room and storage area. Since this would eat into the space required for actual care provision, the new draft zoning plan will instead include the option of a community health centre in which various health providers can share the same facilities. The new zoning plan also includes other improvements as well as editorial and technical changes.

Open for consultation

The new draft zoning plan will be open for consultation from 24 June until 4 August 2021. During this period, anyone can submit an opinion about the draft zoning plan (by post or verbally). You can view the plan on the website, at the Zuid City Office (President Kennedylaan 923, 1079 MZ, Amsterdam) and the Centrum City Office (Amstel 1, 1011 PN, Amsterdam). The official announcement can be consulted in the Government Gazette (Staatscourant). We will also be organising a telephone consultation hour on Wednesday, 7 July. From 15.00 and 17.00, it will be possible to ask questions about the draft zoning plan by calling us at our Amsterdam Zuidas Information Centre: 0800 – 5065.

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