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Come and watch us move 3,000,000 kg of steel and concrete

The massive sheet of concrete measuring 70 x 14.5 m is currently still on the pre-construction platform next to the A10. But we now need that space to build the fifth roof section that will be placed underneath the future, most southerly, train track and the A10 later this year. This means that, on Tuesday, 24 January, we will be moving the existing roof section 20.5 m in the direction of the A10, at an average speed of around seven metres per hour. And you could be there to witness it.

Everyone who has registered will be welcome to join us on Tuesday, 24 January at our work site in Arnold Schönberglaan (entrance in Gustav Mahlerplein). Starting at 10.30 in the morning, we will be providing briefings every half hour to groups of up to 30 people, offering a unique insight into this logistical operation. There is no need to wear special protective clothing. However, registration is necessary because of the limited space and time.

  • Location: work site in Arnold Schönberglaan (entrance Gustav Mahlerplein)
  • Date: Tuesday, 24 January 2023
  • Time: every half hour from 10.30 in the morning, in groups of up to 30 people
  • Please note: no special clothing required
  • Registration: compulsory via our registration page

You can also follow the shifting operation on our live webcam.

Brittenpassage roof

The Brittenpassage is the second passenger tunnel for Amsterdam Zuid station. We are constructing the roof in situ, in seven sections of different sizes. The first section was inserted into position in November 2019, underneath train tracks 2 and 3. In August 2021, it was the turn of two roof sections, one underneath train track 4 and another under the first metro track. The fourth section that has now been completed will go underneath train track 1 and one of the station’s two additional train tracks. We will be moving it closer to the A10 on 24 January. This will create the space we need to build the fifth roof section. It will ultimately be positioned underneath the other additional train track and under the A10.

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