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Demolition works in Zuidplein this weekend

Last week, we removed the tree right next to the glass windscreen in the south-west corner of the square. However, the removal of the container in which the tree was growing did not go as planned, which is why we now intend to demolish it. Starting at 09.00 on Saturday, 4 March, it will be possible to hear the noise of a demolition hammer for several hours in Zuidplein, next to the station entrance. This work is necessary in order to clear the area underground to enable the construction of the northern motorway tunnel in the future.

Demolition rather than lifting

We attempted to hoist the tree container from its position, but it turned out to be too large and had an unsuitable structure. In addition, there is not sufficient room for a large crane. The only remaining solution is to hack away the concrete using a demolition hammer. We will install screens to protect pedestrians from flying debris and a traffic controller will also be on hand. The work is being done this weekend because the street has already been opened up and we need to repair it as quickly as possible. In addition, the noise would be too disruptive to the immediately adjacent offices if we did the work during the week. The houses around Prinses Irenestraat are located further away from the work, but we still expect that it will be audible. The work starts at 09.00 and will be completed by 13.00. On Monday, 6 March, we will then repair the road and the fencing will remain in place.

Relocating water pipes, adding sheet piles

The air ducts for the World Trade Center Amsterdam (WTC) car park ventilation system run underneath the tree container. The exhaust vent for the system is currently tucked away inside the windscreen next to the Wagamama restaurant. Both the windscreen and the ventilation system are obstructing the future construction of the northern motorway tunnel for Zuidasdok, which will be just in front of Amsterdam Zuid station. WTC owner CBRE will start work to adjust the underground ventilation system later this year. However, Waternet will first need to install a water pipeline in this area. This will take around two to three weeks. The exact date has not yet been announced. Only after the water pipeline has been removed will it be possible for CBRE’s contractor to insert sheet piles into the ground to create a construction pit. The modifications to the ventilation system will then be done from the construction pit. The work is expected to take place after the summer.

Zuidasdok tunnel

We are diverting the A10 Zuid underground in the centre of Zuidas. This will make it possible for Amsterdam Zuid station to develop into a public transport hub for railway, metro, bus and tram. Space will be created on the northern side of the station for a bus station and planting. On the southern side, there will be a tram station on the roof of the tunnel.

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