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Concrete pouring for fifth roof section of Brittenpassage a success

On Parnassusweg, next to Amsterdam Zuid station, there were lots of concrete trucks coming and going. Between 06.00 and 18.00, some 120 concrete trucks visited our work site alongside the A10 Zuid. In total, they delivered 1,300 cubic metres of concrete for the pouring of the fifth roof section of the new Brittenpassage. Four concrete pumps worked throughout the day in order to fill the formwork, a wooden mould with reinforcement steel in it, with the concrete mixture. Several hours later, the power-floaters were in action to level the concrete. In August 2023, we will be moving this huge sheet – 18.5 m wide, around 70 m long and slightly more than 1 m in height – to its destination under the railway track and the A10 Zuid.

Entertainment at the traffic barrier

In Parnassusweg, cyclists and pedestrians regularly had to wait for a minute or so for the traffic barriers on the corner of Arnold Schönberglaan to be lifted. Every time a concrete truck had to pass by, we closed the cycle path/footpath for safety reasons. Our musicians provided a welcome distraction during the wait. We also handed out some chocolate to bring a smile to everyone’s face.


When all of the concrete had been poured at the end of the afternoon, all that was left to be done was to level the surface: known as power-floating.

Brittenpassage roof

The Brittenpassage is the second passenger tunnel for Amsterdam Zuid station. We are constructing the roof in situ, in seven sections of different sizes. The first section was inserted into position in November 2019, underneath train tracks 2 and 3. In August 2021, it was the turn of the second and third roof sections, one underneath train track 4 and another under metro track 1. In January 2023, we moved the fourth roof section slightly closer towards the A10 In order to make space to build the fifth roof section. In August 2023, both of these will be placed alongside each other underneath the (future) railway tracks and the A10 Zuid. To do that, we will be closing the A10 Zuid for an eight-day period.

This is what it’s all for: the future Brittenpassage

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