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Afternoon noise during work on A10 tunnel next to WTC

Since Monday, 21 August 2023, we have been using heavy-duty equipment in our work in Matthijs Vermeulenpad next to the WTC. For example, we used a gigantic drill to drill through several foundation piles (tieback anchors) right next to the WTC. If everything runs as scheduled, between 14.00 and 17.00 on Friday, 25 August we then plan to use vibration methods to insert four sheet piles into the ground on our work site between the Qbic hotel and Zuidplein. This will cause significant noise disruption, but there’s a good reason for that.

Silent piler

To each of the four sheet piles inserted, we will be attaching a silent piler – a machine that actually enables us to push sheet piles into the ground rather than using vibration. And this can only be positive: in the week after that, we will be inserting around 20 m of sheet piling into the ground, in order to create a construction pit measuring 5 x 10 m. That work will begin on Monday, 28 August. The real work only starts after that: removing the tieback anchors that we have drilled through from the ground next to the WTC.

Space for tunnel construction

According to the current schedule, Zuidasdok will begin construction of a motorway tunnel in 2027, into which we will divert the widened A10. Before then, we are clearing the area underground to remove obstacles such as cables, pipelines and tieback anchors in as many places as possible. Alongside the WTC, there are currently around 200 tieback anchors creating an obstacle for the construction of the tunnel. These lateral foundation piles were used during the construction of the WTC and are no longer needed. In order to prevent damage to the building during their removal, we are carrying out a test to see how they can be removed most effectively and quickly. In early 2024, we will remove the remaining tiebacks underneath Matthijs Vermeulenpad. While digging test trenches some months ago, we also identified several unused cables and pipelines. These have now been removed in order to leave plenty of space for construction of the tunnel.

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