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Contractor Nieuw-Zuid to continue with next phase of station regeneration

On 26 August 2021, the parties involved signed the agreement for the first phase of the contract, the construction of the second station passageway, the Brittenpassage. The Nieuw-Zuid consortium is currently hard at work on construction, to the satisfaction of Zuidasdok.

Work to start in 2026

Construction work on the next phase of the station regeneration will start in 2026. The official go-ahead matters because it allows work on the design and preparations to begin. This phase of the station regeneration will also have an impact on railway, metro and road traffic and requires early coordination with all transport organisations and operators involved.

Renovation of Minervapassage

The existing station passageway, the Minervapassage, is being made wider (40 m wide between the shops), much taller and will have more room for station amenities. This phase will also include the construction of an underground bicycle parking facility and the platforms for the trains will be widened and given a roof. In order to prevent disruption to station operations during the renovation work, the railway platforms are being temporarily extended to reach above Parnassusweg before the work begins. When the work is completed, these platform extensions will be removed again. The renovated Minervapassage will continue to be the main entrance to Amsterdam Zuid station and will still serve as a connecting route between Zuidplein and Gustav Mahlerplein, as is currently the case.

Proper preparation

Project director of the Nieuw-Zuid construction consortium Erik van Weesep: ‘We’re delighted to have been awarded this follow-up contract. It will enable the intensive collaboration with Zuidasdok to continue efficiently. The experience gained can be put to good use in preparations for the new phase in order to effectively manage disruption and ensure that the organisation can begin the construction work on time. This phase is set to be yet another Olympic performance in this challenging setting.’


Zuidasdok is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the Netherlands. It is set to improve accessibility in Amsterdam and the northern part of the Randstad, both by road and public transport. Zuidasdok is an alliance made up of the Public Works Department (Rijkswaterstaat), ProRail and the City of Amsterdam.

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