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20 November: sheet pile works in Van Beinumstraat

For several weeks, part of Eduard van Beinumstraat (next to the Wagamama restaurant) has been transformed into a building site. We are working here to clear the area underground of cables, pipelines and other objects that are preventing construction of the northern motorway tunnel. We have already repositioned the air ducts for the World Trade Center Amsterdam (WTC) underground car park ventilation system. Starting on Monday, 20 November, we will be using vibration to insert sheet piles into the ground to create a construction pit here. From there, we will be able to demolish the foundations of the old wind break next to the Wagamama restaurant. The windbreak itself was recently removed.

New schedule

We previously postponed the insertion of sheet piles in this location. This was because there is a floor underneath the wind break that had not been included on the drawings. The schedule has now been adjusted to take account of this. During the week of Monday, 20 November, we will be using vibration to insert over 40 sheet piles into the ground to create a construction pit. There may be disruption caused by noise and vibration. Demolishing the foundations of the wind break and removing the sheet piles again may also cause noise. We will use noise-control barriers in an attempt to keep this to a minimum.

Disruption caused by noise and vibration
The works in van Beinumstraat will run until February. We are working on weekdays from 07:00 – 17:00. In exceptional cases, the work may continue until 19:00 and there may be some work on Saturdays. The work that will cause the most construction noise will take place in the weeks indicated below:
·  20 to 27 November – inserting sheet piles into the ground
·  27 November to 19 December – demolition works
·  20 to 22 December – removing sheet piles

The tunnel

We are diverting the A10 Zuid underground in the centre of Zuidas. This will make it possible for Amsterdam Zuid station to develop into a public transport hub for railway, metro, bus and tram. Space will be created on the northern side of the station for a bus station and planting. On the southern side, there will be a tram station on the roof of the tunnel and space for a third railway platform. A tender procedure is currently under way for the tunnel project. Major construction works are expected to start in 2027.

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