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Safe and green Wielingenstraat completed

Cyclists are now zooming in both directions across a separate cycle path after we first replaced some underground cables and pipelines. All of the street paving has been replaced and there is a wide central reservation planted with grass seeds mixed with flowers. It will take some time for it to flourish: the median will soon offer a green appearance, but we’ll have to wait until next spring to see the flowers..

However, the strip between Wielingenstraat and the RAI is already looking very green. We have also planted several trees: three on the housing side next to the bridge and seven on the RAI side. A tree has also been planted on the corner of Eendrachtstraat.


Until Monday, 20 November 2023, the northern carriageway of Wielingenstraat will be closed next to Haringvlietstraat. Until then, traffic from Haringvlietstraat will be diverted back to Churchillaan via a turning loop. Starting on 20 November, traffic from Haringvlietstraat will again be able to turn right into Wielingenstraat.

Starting on 20 November, it will again be possible to access Wielingenstraat from Haringvlietstraat

One-way traffic in Diepenbrockstraat

In Diepenbrockstraat, leading off Wielingenstraat, major maintenance works are expected to be taking place until March 2024. This means that the existing one-way traffic situation in Diepenbrockstraat in the direction of Stadionweg will continue. Traffic in the opposite direction, heading towards Scheldeplein, will be diverted from Stadionweg via Churchillaan, which means that it will not be possible to enter the relandscaped Wielingenstraat from Diepenbrockstraat for the time being.

Work on Diepenbrockstraat will continue until March 2024

End of extended parking zone

While work has been in progress in Wielingenstraat, which temporarily led to the loss of a considerable number of parking spaces, parking permit holders from the Wielingenbuurt have been able to use an extended parking permit. Since the second section of Wielingenstraat is now complete, almost all the parking spaces are available again. This means that as of October 21, 2023, the extension of the parking zone has been lifted.

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