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Eye to eye with the entryway to the Brittenpassage

The southern entryway to the Brittenpassage, which will be used between 2027 and 2036, is clearly recognisable from the large blue structure above the entrance – just like the one already above the existing Minervapassage. It will be accessed via a paved forecourt, featuring a green flowerbed with wooden fence posts. We will also clear sufficient space for bicycle parking. In Eduard van Beinumstraat, there will also be a similar entryway on the north side of the Brittenpassage.

Ready for use

When it opens in 2027, the Brittenpassage will be almost completely ready for use, and inside it there will be shops, stairways and escalators, lifts, a ticket service and internal bicycle parking for 2,000 bikes, accessed from Parnassusweg. This will ensure that Amsterdam Zuid station remains easily accessible – even when we start the serious renovation work on the existing Minervapassage.

Temporary in nature

Although the interior of the passageway will be ready from 2027, the entryway to the Brittenpassage (from the forecourt to several metres after the access gates) will be temporary in nature. Behind the yellow wall at the front of the passageway, on the left next to the entrance, there will be rooms for station staff and technical systems over the next few years. Ultimately, these will relocate to the area in the (yet to be built) plinth in-between the two passageways.

Bicycle parking

The bicycle parking facilities on the other side, next to the green area, are in addition to the parking available in the building itself. We anticipate that the outdoor bicycle parking will be very much needed until the second indoor bicycle parking facility (2,400 places) has been built – just behind the yellow wall where the temporary rooms will initially be. The whole of the frontage will ultimately be slightly further towards the forecourt. This will give both the entryway and forecourt a completely new look.

Impression of definitive southern entryway with plinth between the passageways

Definitive entryway after completion of A10 tunnel

So, why don’t we just build an entryway as it is intended to be right from the start? This is because of the diversion of the A10 into the A10 tunnel, on which work will very probably start in the same year 2027 and be completed by 2035. The definitive entrance to the station passageway will reach above the tunnel and in the meantime we still need that space (especially underground) for years of construction work on the tunnel. This is why we cannot, from the outset, have a state-of-the-art entrance area that will then need to be partially demolished to enable work on the tunnel, but have opted instead for an easy-to-demolish temporary entryway until 2036. It is also one that will be clearly recognisable.

Life-sized impression

Be sure to take a look at the south side of the station, on the corner of Benjamin Brittenstraat. We are installing a panel measuring 2.4 x 12 m on our work site in Arnold Schönberglaan, clearly depicting the temporary entryway to the Brittenpassage. A sticker has been placed on the ground on the corner of Benjamin Brittenstraat and Arnold Schönberglaan and this marks the place where the impression can be seen from the right perspective.

Stand on the yellow line for the right perspective

Virtual walk through the new Brittenpassage
You are warmly welcome to come to our Zuidas-Zuidasdok Information Centre for a virtual walk through the future Amsterdam Zuid station, including a look inside the new Brittenpassage.
• WTC, Tower A, Central Foyer
• Strawinskylaan 59
• Monday to Thursday
• 10.00 to 16.00

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