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All PT under one roof

Amsterdam Zuid station is the fastest growing station of the Netherlands and is well on its way of becoming the second largest station of Amsterdam. To absorb the present and increasing number of passengers, we are expanding the station. For the time being, the station is still sandwiched between the lanes of the A10 South motorway, but shortly, space will be created when it is tunnelled.

Comfortable change

A high-quality transport junction where train, metro, and bus come together – that is the prospect for the Amsterdam Zuid station. All the public transport will soon be at a short distance of each other. This paves the way for a fast and comfortable change for passengers. The metros of the North/South line and the trams of the Amstel line will have their starting and terminal point here. In addition to the regular trains, in the future high-speed trains may also call at the station. On the south side of the Amsterdam Zuid station, space was reserved for an extra platform and a 5th and 6th track.

Soon, the tram and bus stops, the taxis and the kiss & ride zone where passengers are picked up and dropped off will be just outside the station. We are widening the present station entrance, the Minervapassage, and a second entrance will be added: the Brittenpassage. The station area will have a wide range of shops and facilities.

Room for quality

By tunnelling the A10 South motorway in the heart of Zuidas, no less than 120,000 m2 of space is freed up, comparable to 24 football pitches. The public space surrounding the station will have a new layout with squares and walking and cycling routes. There will be ample attention for green areas. The tunnelling of the motorway improves the air quality in the centre area of Zuidas and results in less noise pollution.

20210510 Brittenpassage vogelvlucht 20210510 Brittenpassage Station Amsterdam Zuid 20210510 Minervapassage ingang zuidkant thv gustav Mahlerplein 20210510 Minervapasssage vanaf de noordzijde 20210510 Vernieuwde metroperrons Station Amsterdam Zuid 20210510 Ingang Station Amsterdam Zuid A. Schönberglaan 20210510 Minervapasssage Station Amsterdam Zuid 20210510 Minervapassage Station Amsterdam Zuid 20210510 Minverapassage ingang zuidkant Station Amsterdam Zuid 20210510 Treinperrons Station Amsterdam Zuid (zuidkant) 20210510 Treinperrons Station Amsterdam Zuid 20210510 Minvervapassage ingang noordkant thv Mathijs Vermeulenpad 20210510 Station Amsterdam Zuid thv Parnassusweg 20210510 Bushaltes Station Amsterdam Zuid thv Mathijs Vermeulenpad 20210510 Tramhales thv A. Schönberglaan 20210208 zuidasdok knooppunt  De Nieuwe Meer [ZJA] 20210208 zuidasdok knooppunt Amstel [ZJA] Minervapassage ingang zuidkant thv Gustav Mahlerplein Noordelijke tunnel A10 thv Beatrixpark (dienstgebouw tunnel) Noordelijke tunnel A10 thv Parnassusweg Noordelijke tunnel A10 uitrit Openbare ruimte boven zuidelijke tunnel A10 thv ABN Amro gebouw Openbare ruimte boven zuidelijke tunnel A10 thv Kenniskwartier Trambaan zuidkant Tramlus en zuidelijke tunnel A10 uitrit

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