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Anti-graffiti tests for Amsterdam Zuid station

The aim was to find a product that is environmentally-friendly and makes it easier to remove graffiti without changing the look and feel of the material. Tests were conducted repeatedly with several products. These products need to be plant-based, water-vapour permeable, UV-resistant, colourless and non-shiny.

Test column

For the test, we built a concrete column on our work site that will soon be erected in the new station, at actual height. This was treated on two sides with two different anti-graffiti coatings. It was then subjected to numerous cans of spray paint. For each test, there were three applications of coating and the graffiti was removed three times.

Variable results

The results of the tests were variable. In one test, we found that the graffiti was difficult to remove. In tests with a different product, this proved more successful. All three times, the graffiti was removed without having any negative effect on the look and feel of the concrete.

Further tests

We are in the process of testing materials that we intend to use at Amsterdam Zuid station. Previously, we already started testing floor tiles for the regenerated station. On the railway platforms, we are also testing transparent materials that will ultimately ensure that the existing and second station passageway are bathed in daylight.

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