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Extra evening work on Brittenpassage until November

From 13 May until the end of November 2024, work on the Brittenpassage, the additional passenger tunnel at Amsterdam Zuid station, will continue until 23.00 every day. This will also include Saturdays. The work is necessary in order to make it possible for the passageway to open by 2027 at the latest as planned.

Three-day trial for limited access to Minervapassage

On 16, 17 and 18 April 2024, we have closed off one of the two southern access tunnels of the Minervapassage. We are doing this in order to gain an impression of what will happen when the passageway is partially closed for a longer period from mid-2025.

Working in the ‘crawlspace’ of the Brittenpassage

The digging of the second passenger tunnel at Amsterdam Zuid station, the Brittenpassage, is now three-quarters of the way towards completion. Concrete trucks are currently in the process of creating a crawlspace. They are also preparing the foundations for the pillars that will support the roof of the passageway.

13 March: meeting about De Nieuwe Meer junction

In 2024, the reconstruction of the De Nieuwe Meer junction is set to start after a long period of preparation. At two walk-in meetings on Wednesday 13 March, we will give you an idea of the works you can expect in the years ahead and the related disruption.

Making space for A10 Zuid widening

At the start of March 2024, we will be removing trees and bushes at three locations around the De Nieuwe Meer junction. This will create space for work sites and access roads for construction. Ultimately, this will also enable the widening of the A10 Zuid. Cyclists will face some temporary disruption.

2023: the year of shifting and digging

The broad contours of the second passageway at Amsterdam Zuid station became visible. The existing passageway was also renovated. Numerous construction projects were completed. We also put together a great summer party. All of that – and much more – was 2023 in Zuidas.

What do you think of us? Do the survey.

All kinds of things are happening at the same time on the south side of Amsterdam. We are interested in hearing your views about it and what you think about the way we keep you updated. That's why we kindly request 10 minutes of your time to fill out a survey on this.

De Nieuwe Meer interchange presents logistical puzzle

Starting in the summer of 2024, we will set to work on a complex logistical puzzle around the De Nieuwe Meer interchange. In order to reconstruct the interchange, we want to be able to supply the work sites safely and with minimum possible disruption. So, how do we plan to do this?

TriAX donates AED to Ons Buiten community garden

The TriAX construction consortium has presented a defibrillator to the members of the Ons Buiten community garden. TriAX funded the defibrillator from a bonus it received that it wanted to use for the benefit of local residents in the area around the De Nieuwe Meer interchange.

‘Surely, we’re here to help each other’

Henk Appels will shortly be standing down as Building Manager at the Atrium in Strawinskylaan. He sees a Zuidas that is becoming increasingly busy: homes are being built, and there will be a tunnel and a new passageway in the future. ‘Ultimately, we all need to work together.’

Eight days of work under A10 Zuid ran smoothly

Following an eight-day closure, the first cars were already driving across the A10 Zuid again on the morning of Monday, 14 August. We captured more than a week of work in images, the undisputed highlight being the shifting of 7 million kg of concrete diagonally across the A10.

Take a stroll through the future in our Information Centre

The Zuidas-Zuidasdok Information Centre has an amazing new public attraction. You can now take a stroll through the regenerated Amsterdam Zuid station. You can visit the tunnels and passageways, railway and metro platforms, the bus and tram station.
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