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‘120,000 wheelbarrows’ to roll over Gustav Mahlerplein for Zuidasdok project

The work site was recently enclosed with fencing which makes the contours of the site easily visible. Several things have yet to be completed before the site is ready for the actual construction activities. One of these is draining the ditch on the site. By now, the fish that inhabited the ditch have been moved to another body of water. Soon, the silt on the bottom of the ditch will be dredged, followed by pumping the water away so that the ditch can be filled in with sand. Once drained and filled, the site will be levelled and topped with a layer of compressed rubble.

120,000 wheelbarrows

Completing this job will require around 10,000 cubic metres of sand and rubble: about the same amount as it would take to fill 120,000 wheelbarrows. This material is scheduled to be delivered by lorries beginning  on 6 August and ending on 2 September. Meanwhile, the delivery and removal of other materials, equipment and silt will also take place. Construction traffic to the work site will follow a route via Beethovenstraat and over Gustav Mahlerplein. Around 7 lorries will take this route every hour, and work will be carried out from 6.00 to 23.00. Such long workdays will be needed because transport is to be discontinued during the three busiest periods of the day (morning, lunchtime and the end of the workday) to ensure safety. You can read more about these activities and their impact in the newsletter attached to this article.

Further plans

Once the water is drained and work on the foundation is completed, preparation on the work site will continue with the construction of the rail platforms for supporting the trains and metros. These rail platforms will also form the roof of the new Britten Passage, which is the second entrance and exit for Amsterdam Zuid Station. The platforms will be moved to their final location at a later time. In the autumn, foundation piles will be installed at the site that will serve as a foundation element during the construction of the rail platforms. Our website will keep you up to date on these further plans.

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