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Order returns around RAI station

Some serious work was done in the area immediately around RAI station during the summer holidays. The differences in height were rectified, new tiles laid and the cycle racks removed so that it all looks tidier and less confusing. As De Groot explains, it was the latter that made all the difference. ‘Because the bicycle park next to the station was completely renovated and made bigger, it’s now easy for people to park their bikes here. We’ve removed the various racks that were around the station, because they were no longer needed. This has the added advantage of making it all look much less disorganised.’

Bigger plan

Tackling the public space around RAI was part of a bigger plan covering the entire area. Other more major works included the renovation of the station that was completed in May 2020 and the work on the area around the new nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel. Work was also done on the tunnel under Europaboulevard, in which all of the paths were straightened, creating a safer and less confusing situation. ‘Everything is now completely up-to-date again’, says De Groot. ‘Of course, nothing is ever completely finished, but, for now, it looks great again.’

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