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There are dead trees in various places along the A10, between the junctions De Nieuwe Meer and Amstel. These trees have long been on the list of trees to be felled to make way for the Zuidasdok project. One of the regular tree safety checks carried out for motorway management purposes has shown that several trees are dead. They will have to be removed for safety reasons.

Outside of the felling season

The fact that these trees pose a risk to traffic is reason for them to be removed even though this is not the felling season. An ecologist has checked the trees first to see whether there were any birds nesting in them or if there were other animals present. This wasn’t the case and a tree-felling permit has been granted. The removal of the trees is part of the tree-felling permit of Zuidasdok. This also means we will be creating new green areas as compensation.

Turn on the A10 West

ZuidPlus will be removing one tree lining the south section of the A10 near the access S108 and three lining the north section – in the embankment near Beatrixpark and near the access/exit S109. They will be removing an additional 150 trees standing in the turn of the A10 West towards the A4 and one tree along the cycle path near Amstelpark in the direction of Rozenoordbrug will be pruned.

Limited nuisance

The four separate dead trees will be felled on Tuesday 2 June. Traffic regulators will be deployed if necessary and the felling will cause no further nuisance.

Dead tree near the exit S109
Marcel Steinbach

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