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Zoning plan approved for Vivaldi

Vivaldi is the most south-eastern neighbourhood of Zuidas. The zoning plan encompasses two plots: the plot along the A10 and the railway line, situated between the European Medical Agency (EMA) offices and the Van der Valk Zuidas hotel (plot 13) and the property developer NSI’s plot on the corner of Antonio Vivaldistraat and Domenico Scarlattilaan, where there are plans to build a sustainable wooden office building. In order to enable these developments to happen, we have adjusted the previous zoning plan to enable the inclusion of more volume and an office function.

Vibrations on the track

The draft zoning plan was open for consultation from 24 December 2020 to 4 February 2021, in order to enable everyone to put forward their views. In the end, five different views (also referred to as opinions) were received. One has resulted in a technical change to the plan: ProRail suggested that the future office building must not suffer disruption from vibrations caused by trains on the track. More detailed requirements have been included in the zoning plan to ensure that this does not happen. The zoning plan was approved by the City Council on 27 May 2021.

Map of plots

No changes

The other four opinions did not result in changes to the zoning plan. The first came from residents and associations in Kop Zuidas, who called for three social provisions in their neighbourhood to be moved to Vivaldi. However, the City Council had already made its views clear on the location of these provisions. The second opinion was from the Dutch Cyclists’ Association (Fietsersbond) with a call to ensure that there are sufficient safe cycle routes in the neighbourhood. Because the zoning plan does not cover public spaces, this could not be honoured. However, this does not detract from the fact that we are indeed working to provide a pleasant environment for cyclists and pedestrians. The third opinion came from EMA, which would like to see sufficient attention paid to safety and logistics around their offices during the construction work. Issues of this kind are not regulated in a zoning plan. However, it is something that we are giving a great deal of attention to, obviously in close consultation with EMA and the Central Government Real Estate Agency (the owner of the offices). These issues will also be taken into account in the preparations for and finer details of the tender we are launching for the development of plot 13. The fifth and final opinion was from the telecoms company KPN, which has concerns that mobile telephone and data traffic may be affected by the new office buildings. Talks with KPN have begun on this issue, but the starting point is that construction work is happening across the country and that KPN itself is responsible for ensuring good reception. Plot 13 is no exception to that.

Start of construction

Plot 13 is expected to be put to the market for the selection of a developer in late 2021. Construction on this plot will not start before 2024. The other plot, owned by property developer NSI, is in the design phase. The environmental permit application will be made in mid-2021. If everything runs to plan, construction will start in the first half of 2022.

Plot 13
Jan Vonk

More information

The announcement of the zoning plan published in the Government Gazette can be found here (in Dutch). The zoning plan (also in Dutch) is on this website.

Lodging an appeal

The six-week period for lodging an appeal starts on 4 June 2021. Appeals against the zoning plan may be made by interested parties, non-interested parties who submitted an opinion in time and non-interested parties who could not reasonably have been expected to have submitted an opinion. Appeals against the decision not to agree an operation plan (exploitatieplan) may be lodged by interested parties only.

View the plan

The zoning plan can be consulted in the following locations. Because of coronavirus, please telephone in advance for an appointment:

  • City Office at City Hall (centre), Amstel 1, Amsterdam.

For opening times, call 14 020 or consult this website:

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