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The next steps at Amsterdam Zuid station

Travellers may not realize it yet, but significant steps have already been taken towards the construction of the second pedestrian passageway at Amsterdam Zuid station: the Brittenpassage. After the first huge roof section was put in place in November 2019, two more sections followed in August 2021. What are the next steps? In summary: first we need to create space, and then we will start construction work, using many kilometres of reinforcement cables and hundreds of cubic metres of concrete. Finally, we will slide the roof sections into place. Here we provide an overview of all the work that will take place up to and including 2023. Please note that this timetable is provisional and based on current information. We are currently reviewing the implementation plan together with the contracting consortium, Nieuw-Zuid. Nieuw-Zuid was awarded the contract for the renovation of Amsterdam Zuid station at the end of August 2021. Changes could still be made to this timetable.

November 2021: metro tracks

We need a much larger area to work in than is currently available between the metro tracks. We will start to create that extra space in November 2021. Over the course of four weekends, we will install switches between the metro tracks: 13-14 November, 27-28 November, 4-5 December and 18-19 December. These switches between tracks will make it possible for metros to change from one track to another more flexibly, eliminating the need for a connecting track. That connecting track currently runs precisely over the work site. Limited metro traffic will be possible while this work is done. In the weekend of 27-28 November, the GVB will arrange replacement buses and trams.

Spring and summer 2022: move metro platforms

As we have just described, by removing the connecting track, we will create more space to work in. In addition, we will also move the metro platforms and the tracks for the North/South line (line 52) approximately 20 metres towards Beethovenstraat – and actually partially across Beethovenstraat. This will create the space we need to modernize the station’s existing pedestrian passageway: the Minervapassage. And we are not just going to move the metro platforms, but we’ll also be raising them. The tracks need to be moved up, because the new Minervapassage will also be higher than it is at present. And because we will be raising the metro tracks, we also need to make the platforms higher. The railway tracks that run over the Minervapassage are already high enough, but the metro tracks are not – look carefully as you walk through the Minervapassage, and you will see this. We will carry out this work during the weekend of 21-22 May 2022 and 16-22 July 2022.

July 2022: foundation work

By this point, the working area between the metro tracks near the Brittenpassage will have been made large enough. This will be immediately followed by a very big job: from 23 July to 2 August 2022, we will work for 11 consecutive days to create the foundations for the roof sections over the Brittenpassage. This work will have major consequences for travellers. Train tracks 1 and 2 will be out of service and the southern carriageway of the A10 motorway will also be closed (i.e. heading towards the Amstel interchange). In the autumn of 2022, there will be more weekends when trains and metros will not run or there will be a limited service.

Autumn 2022: start construction of four roof sections

From September 2022, the construction of four roof sections at various locations will begin: three for the Brittenpassage and one for the Minervapassage. We will start on the southern side of the A10, along Arnold Schönberglaan. This was also where we built the first roof section for the Brittenpassage in 2019. This is now located under train tracks 2 and 3 (see map below: T2/T3). This time we will build two roof sections here: one for under train track 1 (T1) and also two for the two new extra train tracks that Amsterdam Zuid station will have in the future (T6/T5). It is not only on the southern side of the A10 that we will be building roof sections: starting in October 2022, we will also be doing this between the metro tracks – two roof sections for under metro tracks 3 and 4 (M3/M4). One roof section is intended for the Brittenpassage, the other for the Minervapassage.

March 2023: construction and demolition work for Minervapassage

Starting in March 2023, we will construct a fifth roof section between the metro tracks for the new Minervapassage. This section will support metro track 1 (M1). This will be a major challenge because in order to place a new roof section at this location, we will need to demolish the existing roof section. We will also be working in a location where train and metro travellers are, for the first time, and there is bound to be considerable disruption.

Please note: the dates indicated are subject to change

Spring/Summer 2023: the big slide

Once all this work is done, we can slide the finished roof sections into place. In March 2023, we will slide the roof section under metro tracks 3 and 4 above Minervapassage. In July 2023, it will be the turn of the roof section for metro track 1. We will not need to move the roof section under metro tracks 3 and 4 into place above the Brittenpassage. Thanks to the space created, we can build that section in its final location. On the other construction site, along Arnold Schönberglaan, the roof sections for train track 1 and the two extra train tracks will be waiting in 2023. We will slide them into place during the Ascension Day weekend of 2023. Not only will train traffic need to be halted for this, but the southern lane of the A10 will also be closed and excavated.

And after that?

The work will be far from finished, even then. The Brittenpassage should be completed by 2027 at the latest. The modernized Minervapassage should be completed by 2031 at the latest.

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