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Update on central section of De Boelelaan

Overall, the redesign project for De Boelelaan consists of three parts:

– the green strip between De Boelegracht canal and the De Boelelaan Central, also known as ‘the green embankment’

– the design for the parallel access road, the main carriageway and the cycle path

– the Kunstbrug or ‘art bridge’

The latest situation is as follows.

Green embankment

The design phase is currently in full swing. We received many proposals and responses from local residents during the consultation phase. Many of those proposals are consistent with the vision of the designers, who are currently working on the plans. It is already clear that biodiversity and space for leisure and walking are particular focus points. There will be a gently sloping embankment, featuring a range of foliage and planting for both dry and wet environments. Tree types that are large enough to provide shade on hot, sunny days is another focus point. There will also be inviting open spaces for play and leisure.

We are currently working on a design outline, which is expected to be ready in January 2022. The preliminary design will follow in April and the final design should be ready in the summer. We hope to provide you with more information when the preliminary design has been completed. The administrative decision-making process is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Infrastructure and parking

We are now also working on a preliminary design for the infrastructure elements. These are currently being designed by the City of Amsterdam’s engineering division. This is a complex challenge because there are many cables and pipes under the new section of road, including telecoms cables that serve the whole of Zuidas. The impact of the new design on the existing cabling and pipes needs to be discussed with all the utility companies involved, and measures decided on.

When the City Council specified the design requirements for the design of De Boelelaan Central Section on 20 May 2020, two motions were submitted. The first of those concerns the inclusion of an urban wood or food forest in the green strip. The second motion concerns investigating whether the parallel access road could include a cycle path or bicycle street and minimal parking spaces for cars. The city council passed both of these motions on 20 May 2020. They will be incorporated into the final designs.

Kunstbrug or ‘art bridge’

The arrival of the art bridge has been delayed due to the late application for an environmental permit. The abutment (where the bridge connects to the south bank) will need to be built first. A temporary footpath will also be constructed at the side of De Boelelaan towards Willem van Weldammelaan. On the north side of the water, the bridge will link up with Rosy Wertheimstraat.

The first impressions of the art bridge were shared in this article.

Once the environmental permit has been granted, we will let you know when the work will start.

The next steps

We can imagine that the recent delays have been an irritation. Provided there are no further setbacks, we expect to start work on redeveloping central section of De Boelelaan at the beginning of 2024, once the final designs are ready.

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