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Pleasant area around WTC’s Tower Ten

The public area to the east of the building was always relatively untidy. This was obviously the side of the office complex, with randomly-parked bikes and a green embankment. Construction work started on Tower Ten in late 2019. In order to enable access for the construction company, we had to temporarily widen part of the cycle path. Although we added an artwork in order to brighten up this temporary route, the situation was not ideal. As Tower Ten is now reaching completion, it is time for the public space to be attractively landscaped, for cyclists, pedestrians and people who want to spend time there.

Enclosed space

Motorised traffic uses a higher section of Beethovenstraat and Strawinskylaan than the public space around the entrance to Tower Ten. Because it is lower, this creates a relatively enclosed space. The WTC is being given a new entrance on this side. Next to this entrance, there is room for hospitality and catering on the ground floor. In order to make the outdoor area more intimate and attractive, we are adding plenty of new plants. In addition to plants and shrubs, there will also be trees. There is only limited space for this, because part of the car park is located underneath and there are a lot of cables and pipelines in the ground. Among the planting, there will be seating in the form of natural stone edging.

More space for bikes

The cycle path will be located back in its original position. In order to give more space for bikes, we are making the cycle path around 4 m wide here – approximately 1 m wider than it was. With the return of the cycle path, the temporary cycle route will disappear, along with the artwork located in the temporary bicycle tunnel.

Walking route along Strawinskylaan

We are adding a completely new walking route along Strawinskylaan, to the north of the WTC. Thanks to an attractive, quarter-circle staircase leading upwards, Strawinskylaan will become accessible for pedestrians from Beethovenstraat to Parnassusweg. Currently, the footpath along Strawinskylaan more or less comes a dead end at the entrance to the car park. It will soon connect to the footpath at the northern entrance to the WTC.


The work on the public area in front of Tower Ten is expected to start in May 2022 with cabling and pipes on the construction site. We will let you know what disruption the works are expected to cause, especially for cyclists, in good time.

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