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Moving cables and pipes at Luchtvaartstraat

De Nieuwe Meer interchange is being improved. A new flyover is being constructed and the westbound A10 will be widened so that through traffic and local traffic can be separated. This will help traffic to flow better and more safely on the southern carriageway of the A10. To widen the westbound carriageway, we will need to install sheet piling and carry out groundwork. This will only be possible when all the cables and pipes that are located here have been moved, which is what we have now started to do.

Removal bushes

Earlier this year, we removed the bushes on the embankment of the A10 Westbound. That was necessary to access the cables and pipes properly. In the meantime, work on moving the cables and pipes has started. We are laying fibre optic cables at the Valschermkade. The existing fibre optic cables on the Luchtvaarstraat side are too close to the A10 West, just where we need more space to widen the A10 West. The cables are therefore being moved slightly to the east. We will be working on this on workdays between 7:00 and 19:00 until Friday 27 May. We will be using an open trench (you can see the cables), but the disruption will be minimized and the neighbouring businesses and shops will be easily accessible.

Work on Overschiestraat from end of May

Work will start at Overschiestraat from the end of May. There, we will move a gas pipeline and remove unnecessary cabling and pipes. Other work will also be done, but more on that at a later time.


Zuidasdok, the mega-project to improve accessibility in the northern part of the Randstad conurbation, includes a number of major components: the upgrading of Amsterdam Zuid station, the renovation of the De Nieuwe Meer and Amstel interchanges, and a tunnel section for the southern carriageway of the A10. The redesign of the De Nieuwe Meer interchange will help traffic on the southern carriageway of the A10 to flow better and more safely. The start of preparatory work at the De Nieuwe Meer interchange means that the contours of Zuidasdok project are increasingly becoming visible.

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