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A10 tunnel under Luchtvaartstraat-Overschiestraat closed

In order to prepare for the updating of the De Nieuwe Meer interchange, we need to move cables and pipelines that are located in the A10 embankment and across Luchtvaartstraat. In April, we already started work in Luchtvaartstraat and Anthony Fokkerweg, including moving fibre-optic cables. From 27 May until 8 July, we will be moving a Liander gas pipeline. We will also remove the telecom cables no longer needed and relocate the ones that are in use. To do this, the link between Overschiestraat and Luchtvaarstraat underneath the A10 will be closed to vehicles throughout this period. Traffic will be diverted via Anthony Fokkerweg, Naaldwijkstraat and Vlaardingenlaan. Cyclists and pedestrians will still be able to use the underpass.

The A10 West, the road underneath which will be closed until 8 July 2022

Widening of A10 West

The cables need to be moved to create space for new foundations for the viaduct. This viaduct is necessary because we are widening the A10 here, as part of the updating of the De Nieuwe Meer interchange. For this purpose, we also need to install steel piling and add more soil. This is only possible if all of the cables and pipelines have been removed from the area. Earlier this year, we removed the bushes from the A10 West embankment. That was also necessary in order to access the cables and pipelines.


The reconstruction of the De Nieuwe Meer interchange is part of the Zuidasdok programme. There will be a new flyover and we are widening the A10 Zuid from four to six lanes in each direction. We are working to improve traffic flow on the A10 Zuid and make it safer. To make this possible, major changes are required at the De Nieuwe Meer interchange (and later also at the Amstel interchange).

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