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Tribute to women composers in Mahlerplein


All seats have now been reserved. You will be most welcome, but please bear in mind that you will have to stand.

Many of the streets and squares in Zuidas were named after composers. They include Beethovenstraat, Gustav Mahlerlaan and George Gershwinplein. As well as being some of the greatest ever composers, they have something else in common: all of them are men. It’s now time to change that. In the future, we will be giving five streets and inner squares the names of female composers. Are you interested in finding out who they are and what their music sounds like?

Open-air concert on Thursday, 15 September

On Thursday, 15 September in Gustav Mahlerplein, we are proud to be organising an open-air concert, in partnership with Het Concertgebouw and Festival Muze van Zuid. You are welcome to join us from 16.00 until 18.00. Entrance is free of charge.


Welcome and briefing on Knowledge District (Kenniskwartier) and Zuidas vision

Briefing on composer Jaddanbai

Act 1: composer Jaddanbai
Madhu Lalbahadoersing sings songs by Jaddanbai, featuring Tammo Heikens (esraj), Romeo Panday (harmonium), Dineesh Lalbahadoersing (tabla)

Briefing on composers Florence Price & Margaret Bonds

Acts 2 and 3: Florence Price & Margaret Bonds
Marjorie Barnes sings songs by Florence Price and Margaret Bonds, featuring Ellister van der Molen (jazz trumpet/bugle) and Bob Wijnen (keyboard)

17.15 – 18.00
Closing drinks

Location: Gustav Mahlerplein
Time: 16.00 -18.00
Entrence: free

New street names in the Knowledge District


The new street names will be in the Knowledge District (Kenniskwartier), sometimes known as the Innovation District. You will already be familiar with this part of Zuidas from the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam UMC and the Rialto VU movie theatre. In the years ahead, we are building 2,700 homes here and creating an exciting area that brings together science, business and vibrancy. That is all yet to come, but one thing you can be sure of: women composers will have pride of place.

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