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Work in Wielingenstraat to resume after the holidays

So far, the work has mainly consisted of replacing the sewerage system with separate systems for wastewater and rainwater. That work was completed just before the Christmas holidays and a completely new sewerage system is now in place under Wielingenstraat. That was the last job for 2022, and work will continue in January 2023.

Power and water

Liander will implement the next phase starting on 9 January 2023. In January and February, the network operator will replace power cables along the entire length of the street. In the meantime, Waternet will replace drinking water pipes and also install the household connections that are needed.

New road surface

Starting on 20 February, we will start laying the new road surface at the bridge near Herman Heijermansweg, and work towards Scheldestraat. We will begin with the footpath, then the cycle path and parking spaces, and finally the carriageways for traffic and the central reservation. We expect the footpath to be completed by the beginning of April, and the rest will follow in May. That is also when the new, underground waste containers can start to be used.

Green space

We are also going to help the trees to grow better. We will do this by removing the old soil around the root zone and replacing it with fresh, nutrient-rich soil – almost like a repot for the trees. We will use a special suction machine for this. This will make some noise, but the work around each tree will not take long. A green strip between Wielingenstraat and the RAI has also been created. At the beginning of 2023, some new trees will be added there, and more greenery will be added to the embankment of Boerenwetering.

New-look Wielingenstraat to be finished by September

In May, we will work on the other side of Wielingenstraat. The street will then be upgraded between the new central reservation and the cycle path running past the RAI. We expect this major maintenance work to be fully completed by September 2023. The result will be a completely restyled, safer and greener Wielingenstraat.

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