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9 June: Amsterdam Zuid station to get new roof

On our work site between the glass metro domes at Amsterdam Zuid, a sheet of concrete, 100 m in length, has been ready and waiting for a while. On the evening of 9 June 2023, we will be moving this 800 m³ concrete colossus around 114 m to the east, across the existing passenger tunnel, the Minervapassage. We expect this to take around ten hours, so the process will continue into Saturday morning. You could be there to witness it. Register for it now.

Evening of Friday, 9 June: insertion of roof section in public view

Everyone who has registered will be welcome to join us on the evening of Friday 9 June at Amsterdam Zuidas Information Centre, right next to the station in the WTC. There, we will tell you about the Zuidasdok megaproject, which these works are just a part of. In a group of up to 20 people, you will then walk to Amsterdam Zuid station, where you will have a unique view of the shifting process from the platform. After that, there will be an opportunity to put questions to the experts in the station foyer.

  • Location: Amsterdam Zuidas Information Centre, WTC central foyer, Strawinskylaan 59
  • Date: Friday, 9 June
  • Time: every half hour from 21.30 in the evening, in groups of up to 20 people
  • Duration: approx. 1 hour
  • There will also be an opportunity to put questions to experts

Renovation of Amsterdam Zuid station

This renovation of the existing Minervapassage is necessary in order to accommodate the growing passenger numbers at Amsterdam Zuid station. For the same reason, we have been working since 2019 on the construction of a second passageway: the Brittenpassage. The Minervapassage will soon be 40 m wide (now around 12 m) and approx. 4.2 m in height (currently 2.5 m). In early May, we first removed the existing roof across which the metro trains run. The insertion of this new roof section, over which the North/South metro line will ultimately run, marks a major step forward in the process of increasing the height of the Minervapassage. But it is not the end of the work. In the years ahead, we will be building and inserting two further roof sections underneath the metro tracks. We will of course keep you posted on the progress.

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