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In photos: preparations for shifting operation at Amsterdam Zuid

The works at Amsterdam Zuid began during the weekend of 5 and 6 August with the removal of the asphalt on the A10 Zuid and digging work on the embankment where the motorway runs. On 7 August, work also started on the removal of railway track 1.

The Nieuw-Zuid construction consortium also continued digging up the embankment on which A10 and the station are located. With a little imagination, it was possible to visualise part of the new Brittenpassage.

A foretaste of the future Brittenpassage, looking towards the Atrium

As the work progressed, we also gradually revealed more of the work that we completed last summer. But also what still needs to happen, such as the removal of the last remnants of the Amstelveen bend, the underpass through which metro/tram 51 used to travel.

The foundation piles and abutments we put in place in July and August 2022 were once more exposed. The purpose this time was to burn them down to the right size before placing a cover plate on top of them.

Onto these four rows of foundation piles, we then placed the yellow runners that will be used to move the two sections of the roof of the new Brittenpassage into position starting on the evening of Wednesday, 9 August.

On both sides of the roof sections, we will place earth-retaining walls on foundation piles. These have been prefabricated at a construction location between the train tracks, next to RAI station.

Starting on Monday, we welcomed the first visitors, who were briefed from the platform and given a spectacular view of the operation.

Everything now appears prepared for the evening of Wednesday, 9 August. Starting at approximately 19.00, we will spend around 14 hours moving the two roof sections into position. All thanks to the efforts of our great construction workers.

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