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Local neighbourhood wants temporary green landscaping in Kop Zuidas

The Kop Zuidas neighbourhood is almost complete. There are still three major developments planned to be carried out consecutively: virst, buildings will be constructed on plots K and L2 (see the map below), followed by the creation of a small park next to Kleine Wetering. These developments will start in 2026 at the earliest. This means that the currently undeveloped space can now be temporarily relandscaped for approximately the next two to five years. Between 22 September and 15 October 2023, local residents expressed their views about the temporary landscaping via an online platform. The planting of more green areas proved particularly popular, followed by opportunities for recreation, sports and playing.

Temporary landscaping (2-3 years)

Green areas, recreation, sport and play

As many as 675 respondents took to the online platform Swipocratie. An impressive 88% of the people expressed a desire for flowers and plants, while 78% indicated they would like to see grass return in the temporary landscaping. Recreation (79%) and sports (70%) also achieved high scores. Think picnic tables and a fitness trail, outdoor exercise equipment, a yoga area or a table tennis table. In the play category (71%), most people called for a boules court. Opinions were divided on playground equipment. It also became clear that many people very much value the existing vegetable garden and a smaller group would like to see more vegetable plots added. Further discussions with the neighborhood are required on this matter.

We also put forward a series of dilemmas. It turned out that people prefer a playful environment over a neatly designed space, and they prioritize spending time, exploration, calm colours, and a natural place over a sleek, urban environment with vibrant colours.

Other responses

In addition to the responses from the online platform, we also received a significant number of comments via this website and on social media. It reveals very much the same picture: there is a desire for greenery and nature, with space to relax on a bench. There is also a need for facilities for playing and physical exercise. Furthermore, this series of consultations was also used by people to voice their concerns, especially regarding nuisance and young people loitering.

Next steps

Based on the Swipocratie and the received feedback, we have an initial impression of the wishes and interests of the neighbourhood. Using this as a starting point, we will draw up a draft proposal. We will then discuss this design proposal again with you. We expect to be able to discuss the proposal with the neighborhood by the end of this year before developing it into a definitive design. Further information about a follow-up meeting will follow in due course.

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