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1 February: new Service & Tickets desk opens

A lot of work has been done in recent months to prepare the new GVB Tickets and Service desk, next to the station entrance leading from Zuidplein. The final technical work is currently being completed, including the installation of network cables. The room is set to be fitted out next week. Starting on Thursday, 1 February, it will be open for travel advice and the sale of travel products. From that date, the existing desk (in the centre of the Minervapassage) will close permanently. This building will later be demolished to make space for works in the passageway. These are necessary in order to enable the large-scale regeneration of Amsterdam Zuid station.

To be used for several years

The new home for the GVB Service & Tickets desk is temporary and is expected to remain in use for several years. This desk will then be removed again when the additional passenger tunnel at Amsterdam Zuid station (the Brittenpassage) opens, in 2027 at the latest. We will then widen the existing passageway. It is currently around 12 m in width, but will ultimately be 40 m wide.

Minervapassage roof sections

The existing Minervapassage will also ultimately be much taller than now, which is why we need to demolish and replace part of the roof. In the summer of 2023, we moved the first new roof section for the Minervapassage into position. In the years ahead, we will be moving two further roof sections underneath the metro tracks, one of which will be right above the existing GVB Service & Tickets building. The regeneration of Amsterdam Zuid station is necessary in order to accommodate growing passenger numbers at the station.

Impression of the renovated Minervapassage

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