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Playground equipment in Beatrixpark to be removed

In 2016, the City of Amsterdam installed climbing and playground equipment that was intended to be used by children aged five and above. Unfortunately, it has increasingly been used for loitering and hardly ever used for play anymore. It is now almost completely covered with graffiti. For this reason, the playground equipment is being removed and the site will be given a new use in the longer term. Zuid city district is currently discussing the matter with the Association of Friends of Beatrixpark (Vereniging Vrienden van het Beatrixpark). Any suggestions you may have are welcome.

Demolition, removal and disruption

The equipment is firmly embedded in the ground and cannot be moved somewhere else. It is also not possible to remove it in sections. It is therefore being demolished. The demolition and removal of materials will take place from Monday, 19 to Friday, 23 July. For the demolition, we will be using an excavator which may cause some noise disruption. Between 07.00 and 16.00, trucks will be entering and exiting the park via Prinses Irenestraat in order to remove materials. The works have been deliberately scheduled for this particular week: all schools will be closed for the spring break, which means there will be fewer cyclists in the park.

Future use

Following the demolition of the playground equipment, the site will be paved over for the next three years. In the meantime, Zuid city district will come up with a new use for this site that fits within available budgets and maintenance schedules for the park and all play areas.

Do you have any ideas on how the site should be used in the future? If so, contact the Zuid city district area agent.

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