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Streets of the World moves to Van Beinumstraat

The Streets of the World exhibition has been moved from Arnold Schönberglaan to Eduard van Beinumstraat, next to Zuidplein. As a result, this exhibition, featuring pictures of all 195 of the world’s capital cities, now has a great location within Zuidas. Come and see for yourself!

Experience Open Monuments Day in Zuidas

On 10 and 11 September 2022, thousands of monuments across the Netherlands will be opening their doors on Open Monuments Day (Open Monumentendag). In Zuidas, you can visit the monumental courthouse, the Burgerweeshuis (a former orphanage) or the Thomaskerk Church. The Zuidas Botanical Garden is also participating.

Pleasant area around WTC’s Tower Ten

WTC’s Tower Ten has now reached such an advanced stage that the contractor is set to hand back the public space to the City of Amsterdam in May. So, what plans do we have for it? We will be adding a range of planting, widening the cycle path and making it an attractive place in which to spend time. We present an initial impression below.

Rainbow staircase to Zuidplein unveiled

The rainbow staircase, connecting Zuidplein and Strawinskylaan to each other, was officially unveiled on 31 March 2021. This means that Zuidas has another landmark, one that aims to boost the visibility and acceptance of the LGBTIQ+ community.